Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions about our services

How does therapy work?

Therapy provides you the opportunity to deal with an issue or concern in a safe and supportive environment.  With warmth and empathy, we validate your experience and emotions, help you gain important insights, help develop your self-awareness and confidence, explore fears, articulate needs, develop coping strategies, and encourage you to move forward in the way that’s right for you.  Our approach is informed by psychodynamic therapy, emotion-focused therapy, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness practice, and attachment theory.

Can your services help me?

We focus on issues relating to relationships for individuals and couples. You may find that you have been thinking or feeling one or more of the following:

  • I’m having difficulty in my relationship
  • Our relationship needs help
  • My spouse or partner and I argue all the time
  • I’m having doubts about my relationship
  • I’m going through a separation or divorce
  • My spouse or partner had an affair
  • I feel anxious and worried in my relationship
  • I’m worried I can’t trust my spouse or partner
  • I’m going through a break-up
  • I feel alone or depressed in my relationship
  • I’m thinking of leaving my marriage
  • We want to prepare our relationship for a baby
  • I want to heal from past wounds
  • I’m having difficulties with my family
  • Our marriage changed after we had children/ after they left home
  • I want to improve my relationship with my children
  • I’m having difficulty letting go of the past
How does couples counselling work?

We help you and your spouse or partner identify the core pattern of emotions and behaviour that perpetuates conflict, fighting, or keeps you distant and disconnected. We help you understand how and why this pattern evolved (and persists) so you can change the dynamic and replace it with a positive one that enables trust, communication, and closeness.  Our approach is informed by attachment theory, emotion-focused therapy, and a psychobiological approach to working with couples.

How will I know which service is right for me?

Please send us an email and we’ll be happy to arrange a brief phone consultation to discuss which options may best fit your needs.

What should I expect in my first session?

For an in-person session, you will walk into our office and be warmly greeted by your therapist. You will complete a brief intake form and then your therapist will introduce themselves, explaining the process, and asking what brought you to see them. From there we will ask questions, express understanding and validation, offer insights, and listen to your story. We listen to you, your needs and goals, and adapt the session to best suit you.

What are the benefits of therapy?

Beyond starting on the path to change, or actually making a change, our clients have described the following results: Feeling more confident; Knowing themselves better; Feeling happier and more relaxed; Being more accepting of themselves; Feeling more secure about themselves and their relationships; and Becoming more motivated.

How often should I attend?

We recommend once a week, as clients typically find this momentum most beneficial. As time goes on, and you start noticing changes, you may decide to switch to bi-weekly sessions. We welcome discussing the best fit for your needs.

How many sessions will I need?

We build a custom approach designed specifically for you, as everyone is different. We can offer a better sense after your first session.

Where is your office?

We are located in downtown Toronto on Danforth Avenue, one block west of Chester subway station. We also offer phone and Skype sessions, if this is more convenient for you.

How much does it cost and what forms of payment do you accept?

Please see our Services page for specific costs.  We do offer sliding scale for individual therapy only on a case by case basis.  We accept cash, cheque, and email money transfers.

Is this covered by insurance?

As Registered Psychotherapists under the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, some insurance companies will reimburse you for our session fees. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider to check your individual coverage details. Psychotherapy is not currently covered by OHIP.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment, which gives us enough time to offer that slot to someone else.  Session fees will be applied to appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.