Change your relationships

Change your life

We can help you make a change to create happier and more fulfilling relationships with your self and others.

Why 3VIEW?

We specialize in relationship issues

We are here to help. Whether you want support for yourself, or for you and your spouse or partner, we have a service to best meet your needs. We specialize in providing therapy for concerns or problems related to relationships.

At 3view we are a team of warm, smart, experienced relationship psychotherapists who love the work we do.

Maybe you feel depressed or anxious in your relationship? Or alone? Or are you wondering whether to stay or leave? You might be grieving from a break-up or divorce and need some support? Or you and your partner might need help resolving conflicts, or strengthening your relationship? Maybe you just want to focus on you, your own personal growth and relationship with yourself. We can help you move forward.

Is this right for me?

At 3VIEW we specialize in relationship issues with spouses, partners, family, friends, and yourself.

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Relationship doubts
  • Conflict and communication
  • Family difficulties
  • Separation or divorce
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Trauma or past wounds
  • Betrayal and forgiveness

      Work with our team of Relationship Experts

      Individual Psychotherapy – Work with one of our individual therapists to help you gain insight and awareness, heal past hurts, break old patterns, and increase confidence.

      Couples Counselling – To make you as comfortable as possible, we offer the option of individual or team support to help you and your partner get back on track.

      3VIEW Consultations – A one-time session for individuals or couples, if you feel stuck, or need resolution, and want an immediate plan of action.

      3VIEW Team Psychotherapy – Work with a warm, nonjudgmental team of 2 or 3 therapists to make the most of your time and see a change even more quickly.

      Customized Packages – We also offer 3 customized programs: “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” “Surviving High Conflict Divorce,” and, for couples, “The Connection Cure.”



      We offer sessions in person in Toronto, and by phone or Skype.  To book an appointment or find out which service best fits your needs, please use the form below or contact us at or 647-866-3310. You can also sign-up for our newsletter here.