3VIEW Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

You are not alone. Work with one of our experienced individual therapists in a safe, warm, confidential space. We can help you move forward in your life, gain insight and awareness, articulate goals, heal past hurts, break old patterns, increase confidence, and develop healthy ways of coping.

Phone sessions are available.

Cost: $120 – 150 per session (sliding scale is available)

Couples Counselling

We know couples therapy can be intimidating, but it’s also an important step for your relationship. To make you as comfortable as possible, we offer the option of individual or team support to help you and your spouse or partner get back on track as soon as possible.

A team approach to couples therapy (with 2 therapists) ensures that both you and your partner are always each fully supported and helps to avoid the perception of bias. It also allows you and your partner to receive individual therapy at the same time (if desired) to provide additional support and help change happen more quickly.

Cost: $180-210 per session

3VIEW Consultation

Our 3VIEW Consultation provides a one-time session if you feel stuck, or need a quick resolution. In one hour, our team of 2 or 3 therapists will assess your issue, explore challenges, provide validation, identify options, and develop your personal plan of action that includes next steps and strategies, which can be emailed to you following the session. A consultation can also be a first step in pursuing ongoing support.

Phone and Skype sessions are available.

Cost: $180 per session ($210 with written action plan)

3VIEW Team Psychotherapy

Make the most of your time. Work with a team of 2 or 3 therapists at the same time for immediate, efficient, and substantial support. You will receive multi-perspective support as well as increased depth and validation, all in a comfortable, dynamic, and collaborative setting. Our team approach helps to ensure that bias is avoided and that nothing is missed.

Cost: $180-210 per session

3VIEW Customized Packages

Should I Stay or Should I Go?” for Individuals

Wondering whether to stay or leave your relationship? Thinking about separating or ending your marriage? Take our 8 week structured program to help you gain clarity and confidence to move forward in the way that is right for you.

In this 8-week program we help you explore your wants, fears, and patterns in relationships through focused writing assignments and insight exploration.  The goal of the program is to help you gain clarity around what you really want, and what is ultimately holding you back from meeting those needs.  This clarity is an essential step in making such a significant decision.

The Connection Cure” for Couples

Feeling disconnected or distant from your partner? Or are you fighting over every little thing? This 10 week program is designed to help you identify and change the negative patterns in your relationship that are creating conflict and distance so that you can both feel happier and more fulfilled in your relationship.

For more information on our packages – or any service – please email us at info@3view.ca, or call us 647-866-3310.  We’ll make sure you find the service and support to best fit your needs.